Mental Health in Underserved Communities: New BIPOC Resources Page

We’re happy to present a new addition to our website: the BIPOC Resources page! You will find an (inclusive) therapist directory, blogs and articles, and podcasts that focus on what mental health looks like for underserved communities.

Importantly, our values of accessibility, affordability, and erasing mental health stigma apply to all communities. Mental health is different for everyone, so meeting people where they are (because of who they are) is essential. Acknowledging race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation allows us to support all kinds of people because we all deserve healthy minds.

The death of George Floyd, along with Black Lives Matter protests still happening around the world, led to the discussion of Black mental health and police brutality on the Black community. That conversation held on social media, in the news, and beyond, is one that we listened to loud and clear. Now, we a living resource page that provides comprehensive material for BIPOC communities with a focus on intersectionality. Whether you need professional help, or just want to listen to a podcast, we got you.

You can find more of our research on BIPOC mental health on our social media platforms. We condense our information into bite-sized pieces for you to chew on and push you to learn more. If you have any suggestions for the BIPOC Resources page, please let us know by emailing or message us on social media.

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