Black Lives Matter

Our team at Solace is devastated following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers last week. The loss of another Black life at the hands of police brutality exposes the flaws in a system that perpetually fails the Black community, breaking apart families like George Floyd: a father, brother, community leader, and friend. And we formally extend our condolences to the Floyd family as they process their loss. Unfortunately, George Floyd is one of many names added to a long, long list of Black lives that police brutality has taken from loved ones. These deaths cannot be normalized and are an indication of a system in need of extreme reform.

As we have seen in protests in every state across the country, we are tired, angry, and calling for the complete reform of the criminal justice system. The protests are evidence that we demand the country acknowledge change is necessary now. The Black community is calling for accountability for the officers who commit acts of violence against Black people and from our local, state, and federal governments who craft and interpret legislation that continues to allow for racial injustice. George Floyd's death was not an isolated incident. For our nation to continually dismiss a pattern of negligence, bias, and racism embedded in this country's foundations, they do not care about Black lives. The state of Minnesota h

as charged all four now ex-officers involved in George Floyd's death, including officer Derek Chauvin who pressed his knee down on to Floyd's neck for eight minutes and forty-six seconds. These charges demonstrate those police officers who are complicit in excessive force of violence are just as guilty as physical offenders.

We recognize the emotional trauma that accompanies police brutality and the compounded effects of government inaction that the Black community must endure continuously. The already present stigma the Black community faces regarding receiving mental health services means that many of our loved ones do not seek out the treatment they need to cope with their mental health. During this time, Black mental health is volatile, and we need to encourage and support our Black friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones to obtain the care they need. We have provided a list of mental health organizations across our social media platforms geared to help the Black community process George Floyd's death, the violence committed by police at peaceful protests, and the lack of leadership in our government.

To solve a problem, we must first accept that one exists. Police brutality is a problem. White supremacy is a problem. The constant burial of Black voices is a problem. Our government must take George Floyd's death to reflect on a population it has failed to serve and protect through its police, legislation, and inaction. America's principles of freedom, liberty, and justice for all must encompass everyone. Otherwise, we will continue to speak up, fight, and exercise our natural rights for oppressed and marginalized communities until meaningful action is taken and justice is served.

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